Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Need a New Place to Visit in NYC? Take a Visit to the Bronx Zoo & SAVE!

Photography by Vitaly Acosta
If you have been to Manhattan numerous times, want to try new place to visit and love animals,  one place I would highly recommend is the Bronx Zoo.  It is located in Bronx, New York within Bronx Park and it is one of the largest zoos in the USA.  You can spend a whole day exploring with family and friends plus take wonderful photos! It is also very educational and fun! I believe I learn something every time I go.

Photography by Vitaly Acosta

Here are a couple of tips to ensure you have a great time and SAVE on your next visit!
  1. Try to go on a Wednesday! - If you don't already know, Wednesday is suggested donation day which means you set the price of your admission. On other days, general admission is usually $16 for adults and $12 for children. I usually donate about $5 per person. So if you are staying in NYC for week, save this day for the zoo.
  2. Make sure you get there early! - The park is BIG which means there are tons of animals to see and you want to plenty of time to see everything. Plus there is something new every year, so you wouldn't want to miss something because you were in a rush. The park is open from 10am-5:30pm until October 31st. 
  3. Don't Wander and Have a Plan of Action - The main attractions such as the Children's Zoo, Congo Gorilla Forest, and other current exhibits close about an 1/2 hour before the park closes. Keep in mind, the Bronx Zoo is like a little city with many places to go and time can go quickly. So make sure you don't miss some cool attraction because you were staring at the cool Siberian Tigers for an hour. (<--I have been guilty of doing it!)
  4.  If you are taking your car, sharpen up on your parallel parking and look for street parking -When my boyfriend and I take our car to the zoo, we look for street parking to avoid the $13 parking pass. Many times we have lucked out with getting a free parking spot right next to the zoo.  I guess living in NYC has honed my skills on locating free parking spaces and I soo...dislike paying. I also suggest you take something like "the club" to protect your car from any problems. It is better to be safe than sorry! 
  5. Make sure you PACK a lunch for the Zoo! - You are allowed to bring food into the zoo and eat it in the designated areas for lunch. Buying food there is pricey and this can save you big (especially if you have a large family). So don't be lazy and just do it. You can spend the extra money on some cool gifts!
  6. You  can take the MTA Subway or Buses to get there! Woohoo! - So if you don't want to take your car or don't have the option, you can take the #2 or #5 Uptown Subway to East Tremont Ave/West Farms Square.  Here are the bus numbers from Queens: Q44. From the Bronx: Bx19, Bx9, Bx12, Bx22. Make sure you use google maps for more precise directions.  
  7. Bronx Zoo is open in the Winter! - Thats right!! This means you can check out all the cool animals! Most of the animals who can not survive in the cold weather are usually put in an indoor location.  There are a couple you may not see in the winter months. One very cool thing about the winter visits are the very cool ice sculptures of animals created & displayed in the zoo. So check it out!
Photography by Vitaly Acosta

So I hope you have a great time, take your camera & save a bundle! Remember you can still have a lot of fun on a budget! 

Here is the link to the Bronx Zoo for more info: http://www.bronxzoo.com/

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Have a Great Day!

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